How Does Cupping Help?

Cupping is one of the most ancient and widely used treatment today. Throughout history it has been practiced by millions of people, from all over the planet. Nowadays, this procedure is mostly associated with traditional Chinese medicine, however it has been used in Egypt and Greece, both bastions of knowledge in their respective continents, for millennia.  In more recent history, cupping has been one of the most famous alternative medicine procedures in Soviet Union, a state which famously discouraged unconventional approaches to any aspect of life. Despite this, cupping proved so useful and effective in battling flue, cold and respiratory complications, that even today, after the fall of USSR, this method has been passed down to next generations, now living in separate countries. 

With the rise of alternative medicine in western world, cupping has not gone unnoticed. Today it is one of the most popular procedures available on market of alternative medicine and is being pursued by wide clientele, ranging from office workers to athletes and celebrities. Surely, something practiced by such outstanding individual as Michael Phelps, most decorated Olympian to ever grace swimming pools, the man that had best of medical advice available to anyone and was a peak of human physical performance, cannot be ignored.

So, what is so special about this particular treatment that made it stand through centuries of medical innovation and so enticing to millions of people? At its basis cupping has always been associated with purifying yourself, literally sucking ills and evils out of your body. The treatment itself is so simple and harmless that for most of the history people were comfortable enough to practice it on themselves, without supervision. During the procedure preheated jars (made out of variety of materials, but with strong preference to glass and bamboo) are placed on patient’s body. The suction effect is created when the jar and the air inside begin to cool off, which usually takes couple of minutes. This is most common type of this procedure and is usually referred to as “Dry Cupping”. Second type of this procedure is known as “Wet Cupping”, only difference being that a small cut is made on the body, which is then covered by heated jar. In this case, suction effect causes small amount of blood to rise to the surface and be removed. This is done to remove destructive toxins from your blood flow. 

Apart from therapeutic effect provided by cupping, the relaxation received from the procedure must not be underestimated. In fact, it is one of the main reasons of its popularity. When performed by professional, cupping can be as relaxing as a massage session. As massage, cupping can be extremely useful in battle against many negative effect of sedentary lifestyle.  Tense muscles, back pains and feeling of being tired all the time is something that everyone encounters at some point in their life. Our bodies are poorly designed for office work and resorting to the art of cupping will alleviate most of these ills, along with improving your blood flow, relieving stress and precipitating inner healing.