Does yoga improve your posture?
Have a bad posture? Is your back and neck hurting you because of your lack of good posture? Well, maybe yoga can improve your posture for you (or at least help your posture). Can yoga improve your posture? The answer is yes it can. There are a few pose that you can do every day to help improve your posture. 
The first pose is the mountain pose.This pose is basically standing with your feet hip width apart and slightly bend your knees you should also be grounding your feet into the mat, place your hips in a neutral position, and tucking your tailbone under just slightly as well. In addition you should also be sliding your shoulder blades down your back with the top of your head straight up. 
This pose helps to straighten your back, neck and shoulders. It gives you the sense of what good posture feels like and should look like. Another pose of yoga that helps with posture is the tree pose. The tree Pose forces you into proper posture in order to balance. In order to achieve the tree pose you should Ground your left foot and make sure your shoulders are in line with your hips. In addition to this you should make sure that your spine is elongated. After you have done this you should Lift your right foot and press the sole of your foot against your left inner thigh. The next step that you should achieve in the tree pose is to make sure you’re standing tall. Keep your hands at your heart center or reach them toward the sky. This is how to achieve the tree pose. 
A third pose to help you with your posture is the Cat Cow. The cat cow pose helps you to figure out what is a neutral posture. To achieve the cat cow pose you have to get on all fours. From your hands and knees, inhale and round your back, then exhale and arch your back. You should repeat this motion a few times before returning to neutral. Another good yoga pose that can help you with your posture is he standing forward fold pose. This pose helps you to lengthen your spine. To achieve this pose you must place your feet hip width apart. Then tilt at the hips to fold forward (basically bending over to touch your feet. Or placing your hands flat on the floor. Without bending your knees). Plant your hands on the floor. There are many other poses in yoga that can help with your posture. Having good posture is healthy for you as well. Having good posture helps with joint stiffness and breathing problems as well. Think about it if you are standing up straight then your lungs are open and they are able to get the full amount of air as possible.  If you are standing with good posture your joints are working to the full capacity they should be working at as well which means they will not freeze up and hurt. So inclusion yoga is a great natural way to improve your posture and help your health.